Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosure Design

Dirt & Heat

Dust clogged system
The dirt in your computer shortens its life, resulting in premature failure and avoidable expense. Learn about heat and dust and the harm it does by clicking on the photo above.


Order the right enclosure
We have both standard sizes and custom configurations for your specific needs. Learn how to order the enclosure that serves your specific needs by clicking on the photo above.


How to...
Installation of your new Clean-Aire™ Enclosure is so easy that you will probably figure it out, yourself. But please take a few moments to look at our directions for the best experience. Click on the photo above to access our installation page.


Real life installation
Our standard Clean-Aire™ Enclosures use high efficiency K&N Filters. They are easily cleaned, saving you hundreds of dollars in filter replacement costs over the lifetime of your enclosure. Click on the photo above to access more information.

About Clean-Aire™ Enclosure Design

Design of the Clean-Aire Computer Enclosure
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA!

  • The most practical and cost-effective Dust-Free Computer Enclosures on the market!

  • Custom sizes available

  • Reduces downtime and costly repairs caused by dust and dirt

  • Patented design enhances air flow and system cooling

  • Pressurized enclosure protects computer from dust, dirt and liquid spills

  • Attractive design looks good in any office

  • Reusable Filters provide overall efficiency rating above 99%

  • Easy access to drive bays and power switch

  • Ball bearing fan insures long life and quiet operation
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