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 Our Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosures are designed to provide a no-nonsense, practical approach to protecting PCs and Servers from the devastating effects of dust and dirt at a reasonable cost.

 For years, we routinely downed the servers and PCs at an industrial sheet metal shop in Anaheim, California to clean out the metal dust.  We also had to clean systems at other clients, such as an exotic tropical plant distributor with PCs in their greenhouses. 

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Though there were computer dust covers and enclosures on the market, they we either not practical or too expensive ($700.00 to over $900.00 each). And the cost of HEPA filters added several hundred dollars per year to the cost for each PC. So, we began working on a more practical solution.

Our first requirement was a reusable filter.  We began a testing program using baby powder.  We tested every filter we could find until we came across K&N Filters.  These high air flow filters have an overall efficiency rating above 99% and are the only reusable filters we found that could stop baby powder.

Our list of criteria included a reasonable cost, quiet operation and an attractive design.  Still, we wanted to insure that our dust-free enclosures would be able to protect computers as efficiently as anything on the market.  We believe we achieved our goals and that you will find our enclosures to be, dollar-for-dollar, the most practical and cost-effective enclosures on the market™.


An 81 CFM fan is located directly behind the filter, providing massive airflow

An 81 CFM fan is located directly behind the filter, providing massive airflow.

Cables exit through a slot in the back of the enclosure

Cables exit through a slot in the back of the enclosure.

To learn more about our K&N filters, please visit the K&N website.

To learn more about airflow, please visit the K&N Technical Learning Center.

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