Instructions for Installing your Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosure

Our patented design will help you protect your Servers and PCs from dust and dirt, reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of your computers for years to come.Installing the Clean-Aire Dust-Free Enclosure  Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes.  Just follow the instructions, and you’ll see that our no-nonsense approach to protecting Servers and PCs from dust and dirt is not only effective, but also economical.  Dollar-for-dollar, there’s no better dust-free computer enclosure on the market!

After unpacking the Clean-Aire Computer Enclosure, thread the fan cord through the hole located in the front of the base.  Run the cord under the base and out the back.  DO NOT plug it into the outlet yet. Place the PC on the base, connect the power, KVM and other cables, then set the enclosure over the PC.

The back of the Clean-Aire Dust-Free Enclosure has room for cables and is positively pressurized to keep dust outRun the power, KVM and other cables through the slot in the back of the enclosure.  Please note that you may need extension cables for your monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Simply plug in the fan cord - everything in the Clean-Aire Dust-Free Enclosure is easily snapped together, no tools required

Next, plug the fan cord into the fan, as shown (center photo).  In order to avoid electric shock, DO NOT plug the cord into a power source until you have safely connected the cord to the fan. 

The fan cord is curved and fits up, onto the two-pronged connector on the side of the fan.Opening the Clean-Aire Dust-Free enclosure hatch allows you to easily remove the filter for cleaning

When removing the enclosure, you must unplug the fan cord from its power source prior to unplugging the cord from the fan.  Failure to do so could result in severe electrical shock.

We've installed the K&N Filter for you. So, you're ready to go. When it gets dirty, just open the filter door, as shown above, and take the filter out. This is a reusable filter and can be cleaned and reused many times.  DO NOT blow the dirt out, as this will damage the filter!

Please follow the instructions in the K&N Filter Cleaning Kit for properly maintaining your K&N Filter. This will insure long-lasting protection for your Servers and PCs.

If you purchased a second filter, replace the dirty filter with a clean, lightly oiled filter. Then clean the dirty filter and set it aside to dry.  To insure continued protection, clean your filter regularly and do not leave the PC and fan running without a filter in place.

NEVER run your PC inside the enclosure with the fan off.  This will cause your PC to overheat.

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