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Before you order your Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosures, you need to measure your Servers or PCs to insure that you order the correct size enclosures.

You'll need to measure the height, width and length of your Servers and PCs.  Group them according to size and tell us how many of each size you have.  We stock standard sizes for desktop and mid-tower PCs.

We add 2" in front for fan clearance and 4" in back for cables.  However, printer dongles and other cable adapters may require additional space.  Let us know if you have need for more space in back. As shown on the right, all cables exit the back of the enclosure through a slot at the bottom.

Cables exit through a slot in the back of the enclosure

We manufacture Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosures here, in the USA. That means we can build enclosures for any size Server or PC. Just provide us with your specific measurements.  In some cases, you may want to e-mail us photos, to insure that we are aware of any special circumstances which may affect the overall dimensions or require modifications.

We recommend that you purchase a spare filter so you can put it into the enclosure while you clean and dry the dirty one.  K&N Filters are reusable and need to be cleaned with K&N Filter Cleaner and warm water.  The clean filter must be set aside to dry before it is re-oiled and put back into the enclosure.

The biodegradable spray cleaning fluid and oil for your filter are contained in the K&N Filter Care Service Kit.  You can order spare filters and cleaning kits with your enclosures.  Spare filters cost $35 each, and cleaning kits are available for $12.95.

Once we have your order and your shipping information, we will provide you with a quote, including shipping. You can pay for your order with a company check or credit card.

For pricing, see: Pricing.

If you would like to place an order, e-mail us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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