“Save Thousands of Dollars in Cleaning and Repairs”

“Minimizes Downtime – Keeps Computers in Like New Condition”

“Prolong the Life of Your Computer Systems”

“Patented Design”

“Unlike Any Other Filter Available”

“Can Handle Any Environment”

Our Dust-Free Computer Enclosures, Dust Free Server Enclosures and Dust Free Computer Cases protect PCs, Servers and other electronics from Computer Dust and Dirt.
Check out our patented design below


Mini Clean-Rooms

The latest in Infection Control. Protect patients from toxic dust emitted by computers. Ideal for people with compromised immune systems.

Dust Free Computer Enclosures and Dust Free Server Enclosures

Dust & Dirt

Dust and Dirt will clog your heat sinks and damage hardware. Protect your PCs, Servers and other electronic equipment with our Dust-Free Computer Enclosures.

Protect against Computer Dirt


Our Clean-Aire Computer Enclosures are the most practical and cost-effective Dust-Free Computer Enclosures on the market. Click here for Pricing Information.



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Our patented design provides the ultimate in computer dust protection.

Designed and Manufactured
​in the USA!

How to Keep Computers Clean and Dust-Free

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