About Us

In Chapter One of her book, “Marketing Your Own Business”, OC Register Business Columnist Jan Norman wrote, “Ethics and Honesty are the foundation of Pete’s business – Commerce Technologies LLC… Occasionally, he develops money-saving solutions that reduce his billable hours. Among Pete’s clients are a tropical plant distributor and a sheet-metal fabricator whose environments are so dirty that they were spending $800 a month for Pete to clean their computers… So, he developed a low-cost computer enclosure with reusable automotive filters. Clients could eliminate their cleaning costs and reduce other service calls to repair hardware problems”.


In 2000, we researched dust-free computer enclosures to help our clients protect their PCs and Servers. What we found were large metal boxes using single-use HEPA filters. The design of these enclosures actually reduced the air flow in the PCs or Servers. We also found bags that were cheap but provided little protection. So, we designed our own enclosures and received our first design patent that same year.


Our Clean-Aire Computer Enclosures are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our design works with the airflow of the PC or server. Filtered air is forced into the enclosure by the fan, which is located directly behind the filter. That air is directed into the front air intake of the PC or server in order to maximize airflow through the system. Air exits through exhaust holes in the back of the enclosure directly behind the power supply.


The high airflow fans we utilize allow us to maintain a positive pressure inside the enclosure while forcing a high rate of airflow through the enclosure. This means that, when you open the front access door, air is blowing out, preventing dust from being sucked into the enclosure. And our reusable K&N Filters cost about $17.50 per year.


We are one of the few companies that will work with you to build custom enclosures for just about any electronic equipment. Since our enclosures are made from high quality ¼” acrylic and cut on an acrylic laser, we can match your measurements exactly.


Commerce Technologies LLC is an IT Products and Services Company, currently celebrating 30 years serving local, national and international businesses. The majority of our clients have been with us for over 17 years, and we still work with two of our original clients because we never forgot who helped build our business. So, not only do we know enclosures, we understand how to protect PCs running CNC routers and server racks. We have designed enclosures for sterile environments and for cement plants, landfills and gold mines, and even for cattle and chicken farms.