Installing your Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosure

Our patented design will help you protect your Servers and PCs from dust and dirt, reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of your computers for years to come. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll see that our no-nonsense approach to computer dust protection is not only effective, but also economical. Dollar-for-dollar, Clean-Aire Computer Enclosures are the most practical and cost-effective a dust-free computer enclosure on the market!

After unpacking the Clean-Aire Computer Enclosure, thread the fan cord through the hole located in the front of the base. Run the cord under the base and out the back. DO NOT plug it into the outlet yet. Place the PC on the base, connect the power, KVM and other cables, then set the enclosure over the PC.

Computer and Server Dust Protection

Your Power, Video, USB, and other cables exit through a slot in the back of your enclosure, located at the bottom. Gather these cables and position them so the enclosure fits down over them.

After you have placed your dust proof computer enclosure over the PC and into position on the base, connect the fan cord as shown on the right. The end of the cord fits over the two-pronged plug which is facing down on the top left side of the fan, as you are facing the front.

Enclosures- Computer and Server Dust Protection
Computer and Server Dust Protection Enclosures

Next, install the K&N Filter as shown here, and you’re ready to go. This is a reusable filter and can be cleaned and reused many times. DO NOT blow the dirt out, as this will damage the filter!


Please follow our instructions for properly maintaining your K&N Filter. This will insure long-lasting protection for your Servers and PCs.


To insure continued protection, clean your computer dust filter regularly and do not leave the PC and fan running without a filter in place.