Lower Infection Rates In Hospitals and Sterile Environments With Our Mini Clean-Room


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Dust Protection for Hospitals

Tim Flathers (Upper Left) of Commerce Technologies assists with installation of a custom enclosure for Anesthesia Cart in Kaiser Permanente Operating Room.

Custom Enclosures for Infection Control

Custom Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosure using HEPA Filter, Designed for Kaiser Permanente Anesthesia Cart.


Dust Protection for Hospitals and Custom Enclosures for Infection Control

Stop Computer Dust and Lower Infection Rates in Hospitals and Sterile Environments with our Mini Clean-Room . Protect patients with compromised immune systems. Our Mini Clean-Room Enclosures are the latest in Infection Control.​

This PC is mounted 7 Feet up the wall in the Emergency Room of a Major Hospital and its air intake is clogged with dust.This dust has the potential to spread Infection through-out the Emergency Room.

Call now and we’ll help you protect your patients with our Mini Clean-Room!

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